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New Year’s Resolutions (in Media)

Unsurprisingly, I am a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, possibly solely founded in the fact that resolutions are a perfect mix of goals and to-do-lists.

There are always those who say “If you want to accomplish something, why wait until a page on the calendar turns and not just do it immediately?” which is the type of can do attitude we need right now, but I also still believe in “the magic that dwells in each beginning”, as Hermann Hesse wrote in his poem Steps, and if we can find the belief in a special power that ails our willpower and makes us a better human being at the beginning of each new year, why do we not use it to our advantage?

Minds are very powerful tools, and I don’t think anyone’s desire to broaden theirs should be laughed at.

That said, one should never try to tackle too many areas of their life at the same, as research shows that if you don’t focus on only one goal at a time, you are bound to fail. (Example given, trying to quit smoking and going sugar-free at the same time takes two reward mechanisms away from the brain at the same time, making it even harder to find something to reward yourself with when you’ve resisted the temptation of either one.)

That’s why I have spaced out my resolutions over the year so I can focus on one thing at a time with a reasonable chance of accomplishing my goals.

In the first quarter of 2017, I would like to get into the habit of using social media more, especially Instagram. As I have just made the cut to “classify” as a member of Generation Z, the advanced Millennial when it comes to digital nativeness, I sometimes feel like I should have retired long ago when I look at Snapchat and cannot figure out how to reply to a “snap” I received. Plus, building a somewhat respectable social media presence comes in handy for goal number two:

Graduate with a well-written dissertation and find job in the industry, something that should take up most of the first half of this year, and possibly go well beyond it. Conversations with colleagues and classmates as well as my own experiences have shown me that filling out application form after application form is almost a full-time job in itself and something that needs dedicating time to.

It will be a year that will require the best time management I had to come up with yet.

And last but not least, that thing that’s always on my list: Read more books you wouldn’t immediately pick out at the bookshop, buy magazines well out of your interest range, add more words and grammar to all the languages you started learning in the past and try and understand people who don’t think like you and possibly never will. Be happy.

Let me know what your New Year’s media resolutions look like and lets all strive to be better at what we’re already good at. 🙂


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